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Birmingham Wrongful Death Lawyers

The loss of a loved one can be devastating and confusing. You may not know how to continue without them, and you may have questions about financial and legal matters surrounding their death. The Birmingham wrongful death attorneys at Belt & Bruner, P.C. are here to help. Call us today at so we can focus on the legal issues while you mourn the loss of your loved one.

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Making a Wrongful Death Claim

If your loved one was fatally injured because of someone’s wrongful actions or inaction, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Alabama law allows the personal representative of a deceased person to file a claim against a person who caused injuries that led to death. The administrator/representative must be appointed by a probate court and is typically a husband, wife, child, brother, sister, or other relative of the person who is killed.

It does not matter if the person responsible was charged with or found guilty of a crime. A civil action for wrongful death is independent of criminal charges.

Damages in Alabama Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death lawsuit can’t heal all of your pain, but it can help you find financial security after the untimely loss of your loved one.

Alabama treats wrongful death cases very differently than other states in terms of how compensation is determined. In most states, a wrongful death claim lets surviving family members obtain compensation for all financial losses, including lifetime earnings, burial expenses, etc. However, under Alabama law, a wrongful death lawsuit may recover punitive damages, which are meant to punish negligent or reckless behavior.

The Birmingham wrongful death lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C. understand that you may be unsure of what to do after the tragic loss of a loved one. Let them help you understand your rights to recovery under Alabama wrongful death laws.

Proving a Wrongful Death

Proving that your loved one was fatally injured as a result of someone’s negligence or recklessness can be difficult. Your loved one is no longer able to testify regarding the events, and it may not be possible to further examine their injuries. The last thing you want to do is relive the details of your loved one’s death.

The Birmingham wrongful death lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C. are experienced with these types of lawsuits. They understand what kind of evidence is necessary and how to prove negligence or recklessness. Call them today to find out how they can help you so that you can focus on healing.

Important Information About Alabama Wrongful Death Cases

You may have many questions about what to expect in a wrongful death claim. We are experienced in representing families of those who have been fatally injured due to the negligence and reckless of others. We can answer your questions about any type of wrongful death.

Some of the wrongful death claims we frequently handle include:

  • Alabama Survival Actions – If your loved one filed a personal injury claim prior to their passing away, that action may survive their death. The compensation available in a survival action is different than that of a wrongful death claim, so it is important to assert both, if possible. Let the lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C. deal with the legal issues while you mourn your loss.
  • Wrongful Death and Car Accidents – If your family member was fatally injured in a car accident, you may have a wrongful death claim. Our Birmingham wrongful death lawyers can help you understand your legal options.
  • Wrongful Death in a Motorcycle Accident – Motorcycle accidents can be tragic, especially when they result in death. If your loved one was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us to learn about your rights in a wrongful death claim.
  • Wrongful Death in a Truck Accident – Unfortunately, accidents with large trucks can cause severe injuries and even death due to the immense weight and size of the vehicles involved. Let us guide you through the legal process of a wrongful death claim after a fatal injury involving a big rig.
  • Nursing Home Wrongful Death Cases – Nursing home abuse and neglect can have devastating results, including death. If you trusted your loved one with the providers at a long-term care facility and they were fatally injured due to negligence or recklessness, our attorneys will hold accountable those who are responsible.

How the Birmingham Wrongful Death Lawyers at Belt & Bruner, P.C. Can Help You

It is important to contact a Birmingham wrongful death attorney as soon as possible after the loss of your loved one. Alabama law requires that a wrongful death lawsuit be filed within 2 years of the death of the decedent. If you wish to continue a personal injury claim as a survival action, time may be even more important.

Our attorneys will investigate the details of the accident that caused fatal injuries to your loved one. We will utilize our resources and technology to prove the person responsible should be held liable. We’ll work aggressively on your behalf to obtain a settlement or jury verdict in your wrongful death claim or survival action.

Contact Belt & Bruner, P.C. today at so we can evaluate your claim for the wrongful death of your loved one.