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Company that Built the Bridge that Collapsed in Florida Built Two in Mobile and May Build a Third

Apr 19, 2018 | Personal Injury

Renowned Florida company Figg Bridge Engineers, Inc. has expressed interest in joining the group in charge of the Mobile River Bridge project. The firm is no stranger to Alabama’s bridge construction; they assisted with the Africatown Bridge development and the Dauphin Island Bridge rebuild. But the company has recently made very different headlines, as they built a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University (FIU) that collapsed, killing at least six people.

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Bridge Collapses Shortly After Cracks Are Discovered

A few days before the FIU bridge collapse, the lead engineer on the project called an employee at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and left a voicemail indicating that there were visible cracks in the bridge. The engineer stated that Figg Bridge Engineers, Inc. did not believe these cracks were going to cause any structural issues, but they would need to schedule a repair in the near future.

While Figg concluded there were no issues with the bridge’s structure, but they did say that the structure’s cables had been loosened and need to be tightened. It was while the cables were being worked on that the bridge collapsed.

Cause of Collapse Still Under Investigation

Although the bridge suffered both from noticeable cracks and loosened cables, investigators have yet to name the reason the structure collapsed. Figg has admitted they were shocked by the collapse, and have been coordinating with authorities during the investigation. In its years of existence, the company has never experienced such a fail of one of their structures.

Figg is not completely safe from criticism. The company was sued in 2012 when a bridge they were building collapsed and injured four workers. Figg claimed the 2012 collapse was the result of faulty construction equipment.

Accelerated Bridge Construction

The FIU pedestrian bridge was built using a method known as Accelerated Bridge Construction. Many companies have adopted this method because it speeds up the construction process and saves time and money. A bridge can be put in place in a matter of weeks, instead of taking years like it used to. Accelerated bridge construction is especially beneficial for areas that experience damage to bridges from natural disasters.

While this method is somewhat well-regarded, it does cause some concern. Is it possible that rapid construction of a structure that will see a lot of travel every day could be done too fast? Can bridges built in less than a week be tested and deemed safe for use?

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