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How the NHTSA Helps You Search for Recalls

Aug 06, 2022 | Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for working with governments to enforce vehicle performance standards and reduce the number of traffic accidents across the country.

One of the most common causes of car accidents is motor vehicle malfunctions and defects. The NHTSA aims to help reduce the number of collisions caused by recalled auto parts and vehicles in many ways. One is the SaferCar app, which keeps vehicle owners updated on the latest recalls.

What is the SaferCar App?

The NHTSA’s free SaferCar app provides safety recall alerts for your vehicle. Whether you drive a motorcycle, commercial truck, sedan, van, or even have car seats in your vehicle, the NHTSA has taken steps to protect you and your family.

How Does it Work?

Once you download the SaferCar app, you can set up your virtual garage by adding your vehicle and scanning your vehicle identification number (VIN). Be sure to add any tire, equipment, or car seat information to ensure you are alerted accordingly.

How Does the App Alert You?

When the SaferCar app discovers a recall for any of the vehicle information or equipment you provided, you will be alerted to your smartphone, Apple Watch, or another mobile device.

What Happens When You Receive an Alert?

Once you receive an alert, the SaferCar app can point you in the direction of local dealerships that may be able to assist you with getting the vehicle repairs you need. Keep in mind that when a vehicle part is recalled, you have the right to get it fixed at no cost to you.

What Happens When a Faulty Part Causes Your Crash?

Here’s what typically happens after a faulty part causes your accident.

A Complaint is Filed

One of the first steps you should take once you discover that a part of your vehicle was recalled is to make a complaint. You need to file a complaint with the NHTSA so it can be added to the public database.

The NHTSA Investigates the Potential Recall

Once the NHTSA starts to receive similar complaints, it may open an investigation to determine whether a recall should be issued.

This includes:

  • Analysis of any petitions for defect investigations
  • Investigation of the alleged safety defects
  • Notifying manufacturers that the vehicle part should be recalled

The Manufacturer Takes Steps to Resolve the Issue

The NHTSA will monitor the manufacturer and how they handle the recall across the country. Manufacturers must immediately announce the recall and take steps to remedy the situation.

They must offer to replace the part, repair it, re-purchase the vehicle, or offer the consumer a refund. You can work with your attorney to determine how to best approach your vehicle repairs.

How a Lawyer Pursues Compensation from Manufacturers

There are several ways in which your car accident lawyer could go about recovering compensation from vehicle manufacturers after a recalled part causes your injuries.

They’ll File a Claim with the Manufacturer’s Insurer

First, we may file a claim with the insurance company. Generally, vehicle manufacturers are represented and protected by insurers.

They’ll Defend You in Court

However, insurance companies often only cover certain types and amounts of damages. If the insurance company is unable or unwilling to settle your claim fairly, your case may go to court. Fortunately, bringing car accident cases to court allows you to recover total compensation for your damages.

They’ll Help You Recover All Your Losses

You can recover your economic and non-economic damages in their entirety.

This might include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of future potential earnings
  • Medical expenses

You can find out how much your case is worth when you contact your car accident lawyer in Alabama for legal guidance and support.

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