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Most Dangerous Intersections in Montgomery

Jul 25, 2018 | Car Accidents

As the second most populous city in Alabama, Montgomery sees its fair share of traffic and busy intersections. Because they are used by so many people every day, a large percentage of car accidents occur at intersections. Drivers who have been hurt in a dangerous accident in these locations may benefit from contacting a Montgomery car accident lawyer.

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Busy Intersections Can Be a Hazard for Drivers

The sheer volume of traffic can be blamed for many of the dangerous intersections in Montgomery. Drivers from within the city as well as those who are commuting for work clog up the roadways and turn intersections into nightmares. Some of the more dangerous intersections include:

East Chase Parkway and Taylor Road

The Shoppes at EastChase is a popular spot in Montgomery, and as such, they tend to create traffic on EastChase Parkway. Because the parkway is situated so close to already busy roads like Taylor Road and I-85, cars often pile up.

I-85 and Taylor Road

Taylor Road offers convenient exits for I-85 and connects to EastChase Parkway, which means it’s often packed with traffic.

I-85 and Eastern Boulevard

These roads are easily two of the busiest in Montgomery. The interstate sees daily travel from over 100,000 cars, while Eastern Boulevard adds another 40,000 to the mix.

Troy Highway and Virginia Loop Road

This intersection is located near Eastern Boulevard and is often used as another entry onto Taylor Road.

South Boulevard and Woodley Road

Woodley is one of a handful of roads that travels north and south, connecting the central and southern parts of the city. South Boulevard is heavily-traveled, with many drivers using it to get to Woodley.

I-85 and Chantilly Parkway

Montgomery drivers named this the second busiest intersection (behind Eastchase and Taylor). It was also the scene of many dangerous accidents, prompting the Alabama Department of Transportation to propose amendments that would accommodate the nearly 40,000 daily commuters.

Red Light Runners

Montgomery has had such an issue with motorists running red lights that the city installed red light cameras at many intersections. These cameras take pictures of drivers who run red lights and submit traffic tickets to the offenders. While the cameras have helped decrease the amount of red light runners, there are still some intersections where a number of violations occur. These include:

  • Vaughn Road and Ray Thorington Road. Over 576 drivers per month run this red light.
  • Vaughn Road and Bell Road. This intersection averages 383 red light runners each month.
  • Taylor Road and Troy Highway. Every month, roughly 319 people ran this red light.
  • Selma Highway and Mobile Highway. An average of 230 people per month run the red light at this intersection.
  • West Boulevard and Birmingham Highway. Around 150 drivers per month are cited for running this red light.

Contact a Montgomery Car Accident Lawyer for Help Today

When drivers are faced with heavy traffic and dangerous intersections, they often become negligent. As a result, other people suffer from their careless mistakes. If you were hurt in an accident caused by one of these drivers, you are entitled to request compensation for your medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and more. The Montgomery car accident lawyers at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. can help you fight for the damages you deserve. Contact us today at (334) 513-1841, or reach out online to schedule a free case consultation.