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What to Do After a Slip and Fall on Private Property

Feb 14, 2023 | Personal Injury

A slip and fall could happen fast, and when you’re on private property, you could face several obstacles when proving your case. The steps you take in the aftermath of your slip and fall could make all the difference in the outcome of your insurance and civil claims.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall on Private Property

After your slip and fall, you must take the following steps:

1. Get Medical Help

Immediately after your slip and fall accident, you need to obtain a medical evaluation. If you initially feel fine, you should still seek medical attention from emergency responders. You may suffer from invisible injuries or be in shock, preventing you from feeling the full extent of your injuries.

If you do not obtain a medical evaluation, the defense may argue your injuries did not occur in a slip and fall accident but instead were caused in another way. You can build your case against the negligent property owner by getting medical help immediately after the accident.

Additionally, you should follow up with your healthcare provider and follow their treatment plan accordingly to achieve maximum medical improvement and move forward with your slip and fall injury claim.

2. Gather Evidence to Support Your Case

While you are waiting for emergency responders to arrive at the scene of your slip and fall accident, you should do what you can to gather evidence to support your case. Start by taking photos of your injuries and the scene around you.

You should also take a video of the surrounding hazards and note any homes or businesses nearby that may have caught your slip-and-fall accident on camera.

If anyone witnessed the accident, you should get their contact information and a statement to provide these details to your attorney for further review. You might also take a minute to write down how the accident happened immediately afterward while it’s top of mind.

3. Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer for Help

When your healthcare providers declare you medically stable, contacting a slip-and-fall lawyer for help should be at the top of your priority list. The sooner you get started on your case, the better.

The statute of limitations will already have begun. The statute of limitations for slip and fall and personal injury claims in Alabama is just two years, according to Code of Alabama section 6-2-38.

We may also gather witness statements, video footage of the accident, and other time-sensitive evidence that may only be available for a short period after your slip and fall.

Liability For Slip and Fall Injuries On Private Property

Property owners must maintain a safe environment for invited guests. When you are on private property, the property owner will be held accountable if you are considered an invitee.

For example, suppose you walk into a grocery store and slip on a wet floor. You could sue the property owner if there is no sign around the wet floor. Your attorney will assess your case individually to determine fault.

How Could Your Case Be Affected If You Were On Private Property?

Do not be surprised if the defendant attempts to argue that you were trespassing on their property at the time of the accident. As an invitee, property owners should ensure their premises are always safe. However, they owe no such obligation to trespassers.

For this reason, if you are found to be trespassing on someone else’s property at the time of your injury, you may find it difficult to recover your damages in full.

Get Help From a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Alabama Today

Just because you were on private property does not mean the property owner can immediately escape financial liability.

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