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Birmingham Nursing Home Lawyers

Nursing home abuse and neglect can have devastating results for you and your loved one. If someone you know has been the victim of long-term care abuse or neglect, contact the Birmingham nursing home lawyers with Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. at 205-933-1500. We will help you understand your loved one’s rights and recover compensation for losses.

We understand that one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make is whether your loved one needs to be in a nursing home, assisted living, or long-term care facility. You trust the facility staff to provide safe and compassionate care for your loved one’s medical and daily living needs. Unfortunately, the people you entrust with your relative may not provide the best care.

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When your loved one has been injured by a care provider, the individuals and companies that were involved may be responsible. The nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, administrator, or other staff members may be liable for the injuries. Anyone who knew or should have known that your loved one was unsafe should be held responsible for not taking proper action. Additionally, the care facility where your relative was living may be liable.

Let a qualified Birmingham elder abuse attorney explain to you who may be responsible for injuries caused by abuse and neglect.

When You Need a Birmingham Nursing Home Law Firm

Many families aren’t sure when to call an attorney. We find they don’t want to attribute malicious motives to a nursing home’s actions. They want to give their loved one’s caregivers the benefit of the doubt. But when your loved one’s been hurt or their condition worsens, review the care they receive.

If you suspect your loved one’s state isn’t the result of age or an underlying medication condition, look for signs of elder neglect, elder abuse, or medical malpractice. You may realize your loved one could’ve avoided an injury or remained in better health had the nursing home’s doctors and staff provided the care the law requires.

Give our nursing home lawyers a call if your relative suffered an injury, and you believe a Birmingham nursing home is responsible. Getting to the bottom of what happened and why takes knowledge and experience with Alabama elder law and nursing home procedures.

We’ve tackled many nursing home neglect and abuse cases in Jefferson and Shelby Counties and aren’t afraid to contact the authorities and perform an independent investigation. By hiring an experienced Birmingham nursing home lawyer, you not only find out what’s going on, you and your loved one learn your legal options. Evidence of neglect, abuse, or malpractice may give you the right to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Why Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. Are Right for You

You don’t want to hire just any personal injury or wrongful death law firm in Birmingham. Nursing home cases are different than other types of accident claims. Your family will benefit most from a law firm experienced with nursing home claims specifically.

At Belt & Bruner, P.C, we have decades of experience investigating senior’s injuries and deaths. We know the signs of neglect and abuse, even those that are subtle or less common. We don’t overlook anything.

We know what to expect from nursing homes. Administrators aren’t always forthcoming. They want to avoid state and federal investigations and findings against the staff. Poor results of an investigation can cause immediate staff dismissals. But our law firm isn’t concerned with what the nursing home wants. Our priority is the health and safety of your loved one and the other residents.

We also have a track record of success with these cases. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys at our Birmingham location, 880 Montclair Rd., Suite 300. We’ll explain how we’ve handled similar situations in the past and the recoveries we’ve won for our clients.

Contact Our Experienced Birmingham Nursing Home Lawyers Now

Over 65 years experienceIf your loved one was injured due to nursing home abuse or neglect, contact an attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to protect your loved one and obtain compensation for injuries and other losses through a nursing home lawsuit.

Our lawyers at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. will help you investigate suspected abuse or neglect and seek help for your loved one. Your relative may need to be removed from the nursing home, or he or she may need medical treatment. You may also want to contact the Alabama Office on Aging or the Alabama Department of Human Resources – Adult Protective Services. These agencies will investigate the situation and ensure residents at the nursing home are safe.

However, we also highly recommend talking to an elder abuse lawyer who can discuss your legal options and help you decide on a path forward. Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. offers a free consultation about your nursing home case. Contact us today at 205-933-1500 to schedule your appointment.

What You Should Know About Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect can result in devastating injuries to your loved one. You may feel guilty and unsure of what to do. If your loved one was injured due to abuse or neglect by nursing home staff, contact our Birmingham elder abuse attorneys at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. to find out what you can do to help your relative. We can answer questions and help you understand what’s happening and the next steps available to you.

Some important topics we can address include:

  • Rights of Nursing Home Residents — Residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities have certain rights written into federal law. If these rights have been violated, the Birmingham elder abuse lawyers with Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. can help you seek compensation for injuries that occur as a result. Our lawyers can explain more about the rights of nursing home residents and your options when you suspect your loved one’s rights were violated.
  • Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect — Most people look for signs of physical abuse when checking over their loved ones who live in nursing homes; however, other types of abuse and neglect are just as common. It is important to understand what to look for so you can make sure your loved one is receiving the best care possible. Our lawyers can explain common types of nursing home abuse and neglect, the warning signs, and what you can do if you suspect this has happened to someone you love.
  • Common Nursing Home Injuries — Certain types of injuries may be signs that your loved one is experiencing abuse or neglect. We can explain more about common types of nursing home injuries and what they might mean.
  • Nursing Home Wrongful Death Cases — When you place your loved one in a long-term care facility, you expect exceptional care. Sadly, some cases of abuse and neglect are fatal. Such situations result in emotional distress to victims’ families and unexpected expense. If your loved one has been fatally injured in a nursing home, contact the elder abuse attorneys at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. to consider a wrongful death claim.

How the Birmingham Nursing Home Lawyers Can Help You

When your loved one needs the kind of long-term care provided in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you want to make sure your relative is safe and will live peacefully. If he or she is injured by those who are supposed to provide care, you may feel guilty. However, it is not your fault. There are steps you can take to help your loved one, to hold the neglectful or abusive parties responsible for their actions, and to obtain the compensation that can help your loved one have the quality of life he or she deserves.

Contact our Birmingham personal injury lawyers with Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. at 205-933-1500 to find out how you can recover for losses incurred due to the abuse and neglect of your loved one.