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Construction Zones & Dangerous Roads

If you have been injured in a construction zone accident or because of dangerous road conditions, contact Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. to discuss your options. Our road construction zone accident lawyers have more than 65 years of combined legal experience helping injured people across Alabama obtain the compensation they deserve.

Alabama is home to an extensive network of rural roads and major highways. Preserving the integrity and condition of those roadways is a necessary part of keeping Alabama motorists safe in their everyday commutes. However, there are unique risks that come with traveling through construction zones and on roads that have not been properly maintained.

Poorly Maintained Roads

As Alabama drivers can attest, many of the state’s roads are falling apart. In fact, as of 2014, approximately 15 percent of Alabama’s major roads and highways were rated in poor condition. In addition, 25 percent of Alabama’s bridges have been deemed structurally deficient.

Drivers on these roads face deteriorated pavement surfaces and potentially dangerous conditions that can lead to vehicle damage and increase the risk of being involved in a crash. Research has found that roadway features such as rumble strips, lane markings, lighting, lane width, are a contributing factor in one-third of all fatal car crashes in Alabama.

The following conditions can contribute to crashes:

  • Potholes and cracks can lead to loss of control of vehicle
  • Insufficient number of lanes or existing lanes are too narrow
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of guard rails
  • Lack of rumble strips
  • Insufficient room on shoulders
  • Insufficient road markings
  • Lack of median barriers
  • Poor intersection design

Construction Zone Accidents in Alabama

Encountering a construction zone while driving is inevitable. Driving in a construction zone not only increases your chances of being involved in an accident, it poses a significant risk to construction workers in the area. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, there were 504 injuries and 21 fatalities due to work zone crash in 2014 alone.

In Alabama, the most common type of crash in construction work zones are rear-end collisions. The two leading causes of work zones collisions are distracted driving and speeding. Work zones can present the following dangers to drivers:

  • Close proximity to large machinery and highways workers
  • Construction vehicles entering and exiting the work zone
  • Uneven road surfaces
  • Lane closures
  • Unsafe lane mergers
  • Traffic congestion
  • Tailgating
  • Inadequate signage
  • Poor visibility

Dangerous Roads in Alabama

The most dangerous areas for Alabama drivers are on rural roads. Despite the fact that 77 percent of all motor vehicle accidents occurred in urban areas, the majority of traffic fatalities took place in rural areas. The consequences of car accidents on rural roads can be more severe for the following reasons:

  • Drivers are more likely to be traveling at higher speeds
  • Vehicle occupants are less likely to be wearing a seat belt
  • It takes long for first responders to arrive at the scene so medical care is delayed

Rural roadways can present special hazards to drivers such as:

  • Close proximity to utility poles, trees, and pavement drops along rural roadways
  • Unmarked driveway entrances
  • Animals in the roadway
  • Outdated roadway design
  • Slower-moving farm vehicles
  • Unmarked shoulders
  • Lack of or inadequate signage
  • Soft road surfaces
  • Blind curves

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