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Mobile Work Injury Lawyers

Work accidents and injuries are all too common throughout Alabama. It is difficult to go through your life without experiencing such a situation yourself, or watching a loved one go through it. However, you and your family do not have to go through this alone.


Common Types of Workplaces Accidents in Mobile

At Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C., our Mobile work injury lawyers routinely represent victims after they’ve incurred injuries in:

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are filled with risks and dangers. Call us immediately if you are hurt at work in a slip and fall, by getting caught in between objects, struck by an object, or during electric shock. We also handle claims involving hearing loss, hand-arm vibration syndrome, repetitive motion injuries, respiratory injuries, and other common construction accidents. Our team is well-versed in the issues, practices, and regulations related to the construction industry, which puts us in a strong position to investigate the incident and determine your rights and options.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Transportation accidents are all too common in many professions in Mobile, AL, including construction, aviation and aerospace, steel, maritime, and manufacturing. These industries rely on deliveries made via large commercial trucks. Their workers may be required to drive to and from different work sites. Often, workers in these industries must work near large vehicles or traffic. All of these factors create a risk of a worker incurring injuries in a motor vehicle accident while working. If you are injured in any type of transportation accident at work, call our Mobile work injury attorneys right away.

Machinery Accidents

Given the presence of the many different industries in Mobile, we see many workers injured in incidents involving dangerous equipment and machinery. Large and complex machines are often necessary to make work efficient. However, these machines are not without risks. If something goes wrong, you could suffer from severe lacerations, degloving, entanglement injuries, crushed limbs, amputations, and electric shock or electrocution. If you or a loved one was hurt in an incident with equipment or machinery at work, do not hesitate to contact Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. for help.

Industrial Accidents

Mobile is proud to be home to many industrial businesses and workers. However, industrial sectors often involve challenging and risky work. Employees face hazards regularly. If one person fails to be as careful as they should be, then workers face serious accidents and injuries. In addition to motor vehicle, equipment, and machinery accidents, our Mobile work injury lawyers have represented individuals injured by explosions, fires, and hazardous material exposure.

Farming Accidents

Mobile is home to a healthy agricultural industry. Many farmers still produce cotton, peanuts, corn, grains, soybeans, various fruits, and raise cattle and other livestock. Farming technology has advanced significantly over the years, often making farmers’ work safer. However, farming accidents still happen. Many workers are at risk for injuries while not being covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If you or a loved one were injured while working on a farm, contact Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. right away to discuss your options.

Types of Work Injuries Our Mobile Lawyers Handle

At Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C., we are regularly contacted by workers who suffer injuries while on the clock. Sometimes, these cases involve relatively minor injuries. However, we also receive calls because an employee has suffered a serious or disabling injury. Whatever the type and extent of your current injuries, we are here to help.

Some of the most common work-related injuries include:

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What to Do After an Accident at Work in Mobile

If you are injured at work, there are certain steps you should take. Doing so may support you bringing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury compensation in the near future.

Obtain medical treatment.

Whether you need to go to the emergency room or are comfortable completing the work day, you should see a physician as soon as possible after an accident. Through a thorough exam, a doctor can determine the type and extent of your work-related injury. To ensure you do not suffer a secondary injury, make sure to follow the health care professional’s instructions, even if their treatment plan includes you taking time off work.

Notify your employer of your injury.

Once you suffer an injury, or if you are diagnosed with a work-related medical condition, tell your manager, supervisor, HR department, or another agent of your employer about the injury or diagnosis as soon as you can. Notifying your employer is an important step if you wish to pursue workers’ comp benefits. If you wait weeks or months to tell your employer, they may fight a workers’ comp claim.

Contact a Mobile work injury attorney.

You should speak to an experienced work accident and injury lawyer right away. Only by talking with a lawyer will you learn all of your options and understand the best way to protect your rights. At Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C., we will thoroughly investigate the work accident that caused you harm, and advise you of your best options moving forward.

Your Options for Seeking Compensation for Being Injured at Work

After you are hurt at work or diagnosed with a work-related medical condition, you should talk with our Mobile work injury lawyers about your options. Whether or not you can pursue workers’ compensation benefits or third-party liability compensation depends on your specific circumstances.

To begin, a lawyer will thoroughly investigate the accident and conditions that led to your injury or illness. Through our investigation, we will obtain and analyze various types of evidence, including photos, witness statements, business records, and accident reports. This enables us to pinpoint who was responsible for your injuries and begin building you a strong case.

Depending on who is responsible for your injuries, you may have a workers’ comp claim and/or a third-party liability claim. A workers’ comp claim is an insurance claim – not a lawsuit. If you are covered by workers’ comp insurance and are suffering from a work-related injury or condition, then no matter who was at fault, you can pursue wage and medical benefits.

However, if someone from outside of your employer’s business was at fault, you also may have a third-party liability claim, which is lawsuit through which you can pursue compensation for your physical, psychological, and financial injuries.

After a work accident, you typically cannot sue your employer. If you have a work injury and are covered by workers’ comp insurance, then this is your sole remedy. However, you may be able to sue your employer if a co-worker is responsible for your injuries, and you are not covered by insurance.

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Third-Party Liability Compensation

If an individual or business separate from your employer is responsible for you being hurt at work, then our Mobile work injury lawyers are here to represent you during a third-party liability lawsuit. Through this type of claim, you can pursue compensation for your:

  • Medical costs
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of quality of life

The amount of compensation you may receive depends on a number of factors. Your expenses and financial losses related to the work injury will vary depending on the type and extent of the injury. The more serious the injury, the greater the amount of medical care you will need, and the longer you will be off work. This increases your economic damages and the value of your claim.

Your non-economic damages can be more difficult to value. How much is your physical pain worth? How much should you be compensated for your anger, despair, or depression? The only way to get answers to these questions is to work with an experienced work injury attorney in Mobile.

Alabama’s Statute of Limitations

There are time limits on how long you have to sue for work-related injuries. You cannot wait and suddenly decide to file a lawsuit years down the road. If you are past the statute of limitations for your injury claim, your lawsuit will be dismissed.

To avoid this outcome, it is best to talk with a lawyer right away. In Alabama, you typically have two years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit. By working with Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C., you can ensure you file a lawsuit in plenty of time.

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Our Mobile Work Injury Lawyers Are Here to Help

Our legal team at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. has decades of combined experience in representing individuals hurt at work. Over the decades, we have seen all types of situations – from cooperative employers to contentious insurance disputes. Through it all, we have always made our clients and their recovery our top priority, and we are proud to be able to say we have a track record of success.

To learn more about your rights after a workplace accident and the potential value of your claim, contact Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. through the online form, or call (205) 933-1500 to schedule a free consultation.