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3 Things You Should Know About Truck Accident Claims

Jul 02, 2021 | Truck Accident

After you’ve been involved in a severe truck accident, you may be anxious to get justice. You can’t be stuck covering all the costs you’ll likely incur. And the guilty party should be ordered to compensate you fairly.

With the help of a reputable Birmingham truck accident lawyer at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C., you can trust that you’ll get the most out of your case. But before you get started, there are three things you should know about truck accident claims in Alabama.

1. You Must Prove the at-Fault Parties Negligence

You might think that it should be evident whether you have grounds for a lawsuit. But in the aftermath of the accident, filing insurance and civil claims may be the furthest thing from your mind. If you’re sitting in your UAB Hospital bed wondering what your next steps should be, you aren’t alone.

Legal Options Available

Several legal options may be available to you as part of the truck accident claims process. These legal options exist only if we can prove that another party’s negligence was the cause of your injuries. Some of the different options that could work for you include:

  • Filing a claim with your insurance company
  • Filing a claim with the liable party’s insurance company
  • Filing a claim in Birmingham civil courts

After analyzing the details of your case, your lawyer will have a better idea of which path will achieve the best possible results for you and your family.

2. There May Be Multiple at-Fault Parties

You know that your lawyer will need to establish fault to win your truck accident claim. However, you might not be aware that multiple parties could be at fault for your injuries.

For example, let’s say a drowsy truck driver caused your truck accident. The truck driver may have been overworked under federal trucking regulations. This means that the trucking company that employs the truck driver could also be at fault.

Another example could be if a defective part on the tractor-trailer caused the accident. Here, parts manufacturers and designers, the trucking company, the owner of the truck, safety inspectors, and other parties could all have contributed to the accident.

These are just a few examples of instances where several parties may be named as liable in your case. Your attorney’s careful review of the details of your case will reveal all guilty parties so you can get the most out of your claim.

3. Sharing Fault Prevents Compensation

The state of Alabama follows a system of contributory negligence. This means, if you share fault for the truck accident you were involved in, you can’t be awarded compensation.

With that being said, you can expect the accused liable party to attempt to place the blame on you for precisely this reason. If they can show that you were even one percent liable for causing the accident, they can get away with not compensating you for your damages. For this reason, you must get a trusted legal advocate on your side who can ensure that fault is assessed accurately in your case.

It should also be noted that even if you suspect that you may share fault for the accident, you may be mistaken. It can’t hurt to reach out to our office to find out what legal options may be available to you based on the specific details of your case.

Get Help From a Truck Accident Lawyer in Birmingham

Truck accident claims are often complex. But when you have the right Birmingham car accident lawyer on your side, the process doesn’t have to be traumatic. Get help recovering maximum compensation for your suffering.

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