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Woman getting leg wrapped in a cast
Nov 06, 2022 | Medical Bills, Workplace accidents

Top 5 Mistakes Made After a Job Injury

After suffering a work-related injury, there are several ways in which you can recover compensation for your damages. You may recover certai...

Woman on the phone with a cast on her arm
Feb 11, 2022 | Workplace accidents

What Benefits Are Available Under Workers’ Comp?

When you have suffered a work-related injury, you may have the right to specific types of compensation and benefits. Most employers across A...

Work injury claim sheet and pen
Sep 02, 2021 | Workplace accidents

Hurt at Work? What To Do When Injured on the Job

The last place you expect to suffer a catastrophic injury is at work. But when you're injured in a work accident, you may deserve compensati...

Workplace Injury and Illness Stats in Alabama
Aug 31, 2020 | Workplace accidents

Workplace Injury and Illness Stats in Alabama

Every day, many people go to work in order to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, they sometimes injure themselves while o...

Common Workplace Accidents in Alabama and How to Avoid Them
Jul 11, 2020 | Workplace accidents

Common Workplace Accidents in Alabama and How to Avoid Them

We go to work to grow professionally and support ourselves and our families. Every day, we come to our workplace and perform our jobs withou...

Nov 07, 2018 | Personal Injury, Workplace accidents

Older Construction Workers at Risk for Hearing Loss

The Center for Construction Research and Training (sometimes known as CPWR) recently published a study stating that over half of former cons...