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Common Workplace Accidents in Alabama and How to Avoid Them

Jul 11, 2020 | Workplace accidents

We go to work to grow professionally and support ourselves and our families. Every day, we come to our workplace and perform our jobs without thinking that there is a chance we may get hurt. Unfortunately, workplace accidents are common in Alabama.

Below, we discuss common workplace accidents and how to avoid them. If you’ve incurred injuries at work, consult a highly skilled workplace accident lawyer at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. We can inform you of your legal options and help you decide the next best steps in your case. Contact us today at (205) 933-1500. to schedule a free consultation of your case.

Transportation Accidents

These days, many employers require their workers to drive in order to complete certain job-related tasks. As a result, transportation accidents do arise. They often include single-vehicle crashes, collisions between two or more work vehicles, and workers getting struck by personal or work vehicles.

To reduce your risk of becoming involved in a transportation accident, get into the habit of driving defensively. Avoid all distractions, make sure you are well-rested before you get behind the wheel, follow speed limits and all laws, and refrain from reckless behaviors such as abruptly changing lanes.

Falls, Slips, and Trips

Falls, slips, and trips are also a common occurrence in many workplaces in Alabama. They may be caused by poor lighting, unsuitable floor coverings, damaged or uneven surfaces, contaminated floors, or poor housekeeping. Fortunately, these types of accidents can be easily avoided by removing clutter, establishing safe walking routes, and making sure you have the right fall protection.

Exposure to Harmful Substances

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to work in a factory or a similar environment to be exposed to harmful substances. Even working in an office setting can cause you to become exposed to paint, cleaning products, and other substances that may lead to rashes, lung problems, and even cancer. You can speak to your employer and help implement certain procedures to make sure you and other workers aren’t breathing in harmful substances while on the job.

Repetitive Motion Accidents

Carpal tunnel syndrome may arise due to a repetitive motion accident. It is the result of hands and wrists constantly being moved in the same way during work-related activities. If you operate a machine at your job, you are particularly prone to repetitive motion accidents. You can reduce their risk by taking breaks, practicing good posture, and exercising regularly.

Getting Struck By an Object

If an object flies, falls, swings, or rolls while you’re at work, it can hurt you and even take your life. To avoid getting struck by an object, wear safety glasses when using tools or machinery, stay away from vehicles and heavy equipment, and wear hard hats any time you’re on a construction site.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines violence as any act or threat of violence, harassment, or disruptive behavior at work. It can occur between co-workers, customers, or even third-parties like contractors.

Since violence is usually the result of tension in the workplace, it’s important to speak to your supervisor if your work environment makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Working alone or in an area with a high crime rate can increase the risk of workplace violence.

Contact a Workplace Accident Lawyer for Help

If you suffer from any type of injury at work, you should know that you have the right to file an Alabama workers’ compensation claim and collect compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Since workers’ comp cases can get complex and you may be unsure of which benefits you’re entitled to, it is in your best interest to consult a workplace accident lawyer at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. right away. Call (205) 933-1500, or reach out online to schedule a free, initial evaluation of your case.