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5 Common Defective Products

Apr 11, 2022 | Defective Products

Defective products cause millions of dollars of damage every year. From unexpected injuries and illnesses to time away from work and lost productivity, victims of seriously defective products often spend weeks or months trying to get back to normal.

1. Vehicles and Vehicle Components

With all the recall notices the average car owner gets in their mail, it should be no surprise that vehicle parts are one of the most common sources of defective product claims. Unfortunately, issues with car parts can be challenging to detect in testing.

Some issues may arise after wear and tear, while others may only be present in certain driving conditions. However, once an issue has been made public, it’s up to the manufacturer to rectify it. In just 2019, 53.1 million vehicles were subject to recalls.

Most defective vehicle components cause minimal damage or are just inconvenient for drivers. Some can cause severe or fatal accidents. In 2022, BMW was forced to recall over 900,000 vehicles over a component that could short circuit and cause engine compartment fires.

Nissan Pathfinders and Infiniti QX60 vehicles were recalled due to missing mounting bolts, and McLaren recalled GT vehicles upon discovering deactivated airbags.

2. Medications

Medications are one of the most expensive and common types of product recalls. A minor defect in a prescription could change how your body responds to the medication or render the medication ineffective. The FDA maintains a database of medical device and medication recalls.

Recent recalls include medical devices sold by Family Dollar that were recalled in February 2022 due to rodents at the distribution center. A lead testing kit produced by Meridian Bioscience was recalled in late 2021 because certain lots underestimated blood lead levels, a defect that essentially made the product useless.

In April 2021, close to 200,000 bottles of acetaminophen were recalled because they were mislabeled, and taking the medication as prescribed could cause liver damage.

3. Cleaning Products & Household Chemicals

In keeping your home clean and fresh smelling, you could introduce dangerous chemicals or bacteria. In 2021, Walmart had to recall a Better Homes and Gardens room spray line because it included a rare and harmful bacteria. The product led to two deaths before it was recalled.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, several hand sanitizers were recalled due to the presence of unsafe ingredients. Many recalls are due to unsafe chemical formulations or the use of chemicals that can cause harm to humans or animals.

Unfortunately, not all unsafe cleaners are recalled. Some health issues caused by these products are not apparent until a consumer has used them for years, at which point it is difficult to prove that a product was directly responsible.

4. Home Appliances

If you look at a list of recent product recalls, you will see at least a few home appliances listed. In March 2022, Danby Products discovered that some ovens posed a tip-over hazard that could lead to burn injuries.

Other appliances have been recalled because they may catch fire, shock users, or cause unsafe chemical interactions. For example, Gorilla Commerce produced a set of oven liners that caused carbon monoxide buildup in some types of ovens.

5. Toys

Defective toys are frightening for parents and caretakers. They are also quite common. Many defective product claims occur because of toys that are choking or suffocation hazards, including everything from musical instrument sets to play kitchen sets.

Some toys are fire hazards or use dangerous lead paint, such as certain stackable toys sold by Stack Em’ Up Books which were recalled in February 2022.

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