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5 Steps to Take to Maximize Your Compensation After a Car Accident

Oct 28, 2020 | Car Accidents

If you were in a wreck, you likely have medical bills piling up. You may not be able to go back to work for weeks, month, or longer. You need to know how to get the most money possible to cover those costs and all of your other losses as well.

Insurance companies are usually reluctant to pay victims a fair amount, so you need to work with an experienced Alabama car accident lawyer from Belt, Bruner & Barnett, PC. Call us today at (205) 933-1500 or use our online contact form to reach out for a free consultation of your case.

We do everything we can to maximize the compensation in every case, which includes a thorough investigation, gathering evidence of your losses, working with experts, and more. However, there are some things you can do to get more money too.

1. Get Medical Attention Right Away

You will likely suffer serious injuries after a car accident. Even if they don’t seem severe, there could be injuries you’re not immediately aware of. The first step you take after an accident should be to go to the emergency room, a trauma center, or your primary care physician.

An auto accident claim requires proof that your injuries were caused by the crash itself. The insurance company won’t take your word for it. You need medical records that show a direct connection between your condition and the accident. By going to a doctor right away, you will create a medical record that connects the wreck and your injuries.

2. Get Contact Information from Other Drivers and Witnesses

We will need to speak with people who witnessed the accident to prove what happened and who was at fault. In order to do this, we will need you to collect contact information from other drivers (both who were involved in the crash and who stop to help) and eye witnesses.

You should get their full names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. If they let you, take a picture of their drivers’ licenses with your phone.

3. Write Down What Happened in the Wreck

You should keep a journal of everything that you remember from the day of the crash. As soon as you’re able after the accident, write down what happened, including the following details:

  • Weather conditions
  • Lane you were traveling in
  • Where on the road the crash occurred
  • Nearby traffic signs
  • Who was involved
  • If the other driver seemed drunk or distracted
  • Any measures you took to avoid the accident
  • Defects in the road
  • Positions of the vehicles before, during, and after the wreck
  • Names of wrecker companies
  • Names of officers who arrived

These details can be used later to piece together the story of your wreck. Your car accident lawyer will gather this information and build a case to make a demand for compensation from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

4. Get Estimates to Fix or Replace Your Damaged Car

Your car may have been damaged or even totaled in the wreck. If so, you’ll need to get it fixed or get a new one as soon as possible. We know that you can’t live life without a vehicle to travel to and from work, school, and other activities.

When you’re able, take your damaged car to auto body and/or mechanic shops and get estimates on how much it will cost to fix it. If your car is totaled and no longer operates, you should find out how much your car is worth. If it was still under a lease or you owed money on it, collect information about how much you have to pay it off. Research cars and determine what make and model you’d like to replace your old car with and have a figure in mind for that as well.

5. Get a Top Notch Attorney Who Will Help You Win Money

Belt, Bruner & Barnett, PC has worked with hundreds of victims of car accidents who need money now. We know you don’t want to wait years on a personal injury lawsuit. We will work to get you a quick settlement, but we will also make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation possible. If the insurance company refuses to offer fair compensation, we aren’t afraid to go to court.

Call us today to start your case. We can be reached at (205) 933-1500 or use our online contact form.