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Class Action Lawsuits

Why Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

Published: Feb 06, 2017 in Class Action Lawsuits

It is important to remember that the class action process can be very complex with a lot of moving parts. In fact, before the lawsuit even begins, and in order for a class action lawsuit to be considered in a courtroom, there must be a…

What is a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

Published: Nov 30, 2016 in Class Action Lawsuits, Personal Injury

A tort is a wrongful act or infringement of a right committed by one party that results in injury to another. The most common type of tort is negligence, which is usually the basis for liability in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, or product liability…

Waste Management Class Action Law Suit Filed

Published: Apr 14, 2015 in Class Action Lawsuits, Personal Injury

Unethical and fraudulent practices by companies taking advantage of the disadvantage need to be pursued legally to ensure those financially injured are compensated, federal class action lawsuit attorney Keith T. Belt says A recent lawsuit Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. on behalf of their client,…