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How to Get a Car Accident Report

Dec 19, 2016 | Car Accidents

There are several important things you should do after a car accident. One of these is to obtain a copy of the car accident report that was filled out by the police offer who arrived at the scene of your accident. The car accident report will contain important information about your crash and be useful in an insurance claim or a lawsuit. It’s vital to understand that even in a minor collision, getting a copy of your car accident report is imperative.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in the state of Alabama, here are some ways you can access your car accident report from the Alabama Highway Patrol or another responding law enforcement agency:

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Web Site

Visit the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency official website and fill out a crash report form. Once you fill out the form, you will receive a PDF copy of your accident report for a $17 fee that may be purchased with any major credit card.

Your purchased crash report will be accessible for seven days from the date you initially view the report. If you’d like more information regarding the report, contact the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency at (334) 242-4371. Remember that you will need Adobe Reader in order to view and print the PDF version of the report.

Alabama State Police Post

Visit an Alabama State Police Post and ensure that you have a copy of a photo ID to provide to a clerk who will obtain the accident report and let you know of any fees you may be responsible for. In order to find a post near you, you can call the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency at (334) 242-4371.

What Information Can a Car Accident Report Provide?

A car accident report from a police officer can provide a wide array of information related to your crash. It will include the date, time, and place of the accident occurred as well as contact information and statements from other drivers, passengers, and witnesses.

It will also feature a description of injuries that any drivers or passengers have suffered and a narrative that describes the cause of the accident from the police officer’s point of view. Additionally, weather conditions, pictures of the accident scene and vehicle damage, and tickets issued to either driver may be included as well.

How a Report Can Be Useful in Your Case

A police report can be very useful in your car accident case because a car accident lawyer can use it to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company for you. Since the report was compiled by a police officer, it will serve as an unbiased piece of documentation and make it more difficult for an insurance adjuster to argue the issue of the driver’s liability. It can also provide your lawyer with information on other witnesses that may be helpful during the negotiation process with the insurance adjuster.

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