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Most Dangerous Intersections in Mobile

Aug 08, 2018 | Car Accidents

With a population of nearly 200,000, Mobile, Alabama, is home to a steady stream of traffic. Clogged roadways can be a problem, but drivers often have the most difficulty at the intersections of two streets. If you were hit while navigating a dangerous intersection, consider contacting a Mobile car accident lawyer for help.

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Where are Mobile’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

It should come as no surprise to many of Mobile’s drivers that a great deal of the city’s more dangerous intersections include a street the crosses Airport Boulevard. This multi-lane road transverses the city, offering drivers the chance to get just about anywhere. Although it is convenient, Airport Boulevard is also often congested and contains many stoplights that tend to slow traffic down even more.

Some of the city’s particularly hazardous intersections include:

  • Airport Boulevard and University Boulevard
  • Airport Boulevard and Azalea Road/McGregor Road
  • Cottage Hill Road and University Boulevard
  • Airport Boulevard and Hillcrest Road
  • Airport Boulevard and Cody Road
  • Cottage Hill Road and Hillcrest Road
  • Azalea Road and Cottage Hill Road

Practice Safe Driving To Avoid Danger

Heavy traffic cannot take all the blame for making intersections dangerous in Alabama. Driving habits contribute greatly to the problem. The worst driving habits include:

  • Reckless driving. Motorists who speed, change lanes without signaling, or cut other drivers off make roadways unsafe for everyone else.
  • Distracted driving. Just because you are inching along behind a long line of cars does not mean you can devote your attention to your phone, the radio, or other passengers in the vehicle. Drivers who allow themselves to get distracted increase their chances of getting into an accident.
  • Red light runners. Alabama has a number of drivers who run red lights. Many of the busiest roads in the larger cities have several traffic lights, slowing people down and adding to their frustration. To avoid being stopped at a light, a motorist will step on the gas and try to fly through the intersection while the light is changing. This careless action often causes accidents, as the person running the light plows into cars that have started to drive when their light turns green. Red light runners also risk hitting pedestrians who are using a crosswalk.

Getting stuck in traffic can be frustrating, but reacting by driving irresponsibly is not only foolish – it can be deadly. Just a split second decision can change your life or the lives of other drivers forever. Instead, allow yourself time to account for heavy traffic and still reach your destination. Put your phone away and be mindful of traffic laws, especially when navigating the more dangerous intersections.

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