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Older Construction Workers at Risk for Hearing Loss

Nov 07, 2018 | Personal Injury

The Center for Construction Research and Training (sometimes known as CPWR) recently published a study stating that over half of former construction workers have experienced hearing loss. While there is a certain amount of hearing loss associated with aging, this study showed there are also certain factors that could make hearing loss worse. The CPWR devised a way to determine the levels of noise exposure workers had experienced during their careers. They then compared the hearing ability of workers who had been exposed to high noise levels with those whose noise exposure had been relatively low.

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Construction Workers Exposed to Several Factors That Could Lead to Hearing Loss

The CPWR study reported that 58% of former construction workers suffered from some sort of hearing loss. Overall, it was found that construction workers have significantly more risk of hearing loss than those in the study’s control group.

The length of time spent working was also found to affect hearing. If you spent over 30 years working, you’re nearly four times more likely to experience hearing loss than those who spent less than 10 years working, according to the study.

Other Factors That Could Lead to Hearing Loss

A link has also been drawn between smoking and hearing loss. The CPWR study found that if you smoke, you’re 18% more likely to suffer hearing loss than someone who doesn’t. Additionally, it was shown you are at a higher risk for hearing loss if you have above-average exposure to solvents. Solvents are particular chemical compounds, present in many paints, cleaners, and pharmaceuticals.

Hearing Loss Could Cause Injuries in The Workplace

A decrease in your hearing can result in all sorts of negative consequences at your job. Hearing loss could mean you have trouble discerning instructions or warnings from your co-workers. In addition, you may have trouble noticing particular sounds in a background of noise. This could make it difficult to notice when something is wrong. All of these issues could result in an injury, and could potentially be avoided by preventing hearing loss.

Does Hearing Loss Entitle You to Compensation?

Your job may lead to hearing loss, which may lead to an injury on the job. A good work injury lawyer will tell you whether the exact circumstances of your injury entitle you to compensation. In general, Alabama law requires the following conditions to compensate you for a work injury:

  • Your employer must be covered by Alabama work law
  • Your injury must be the result of an accident, or an unforeseen event that was not caused by human error
  • Your injury must have occurred over the course of your employment
  • Proper notice of your accident must have been given to your employer

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