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Remember 9-11 Heroes by Focusing on National Service

Sep 11, 2015 | General

Americans unite when they’re attacked, and 14 years ago on September 11, ordinary citizens turned into heroes when terrorists attacked the nation with strategic plane crashes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Another plane crashed in Pennsylvania when passengers overcame their hijackers.

The unforgettable day energized the nation and its citizens like few events since Pearl Harbor brought the United States into World War II. Not only did firefighters and police officers sacrifice their lives that day to save people in the collapsing Twin Towers. Americans across the country responded with acts of service and volunteerism sparked by their love of country and the freedom it represents.

To commemorate the day that saw America begin to rise from the ashes of pain, Birmingham created The 9-11 Memorial Walk: Remembering & Building Hope in the heart of the city, a greenway consisting of:

  • Liberty Garden: a granite bench and twin granite towers with an inscription from President George W. Bush’s speech along with the nation’s flag in flowers.
  • Children’s Hero Bench: a bench of ceramic tiles created by children representing the city’s diverse ethnic groups and religious beliefs who composed their thoughts and perceptions of heroes who emerged from the event.
  • The Ribbon:” a memory bench sculptured by Birmingham artist Keith Bidwell for those whose lives were altered by the 9-11 attack.

City Action Partnership in Birmingham combined efforts with the city of Birmingham, the Birmingham Art Museum, Keep Birmingham Beautiful and the Birmingham Art Association to make the 9-11 Memorial Walk a reality along with a greenway in the heart of the city.

Today it stands as a testament to those who made sacrifices on that tragic day and provides a place to reflect on what it means to be an American and to keep our country strong.

Take Action

As the anniversary of the September 11 approaches, Belt, Bruner & Barnett P.C. encourages people to visit Birmingham’s 9-11 Memorial Walk and support the National Day of Service and Remembrance associated with September 11, recognizing the importance of national and community volunteerism on this day and throughout the year.

Alabama has many opportunities for community service through the Corporation for National & Community Service. In fact, more than 10,000 people are volunteering in 990 locations statewide to tutor and work with children, give veterans support, help in disaster areas, bolster economic opportunities and bring more volunteers into the fold.

The organization committed more than $11.3 million to support communities across the state, and another $3.69 million is being brought in through a public-private partnership to strengthen communities.

Community volunteer opportunities include:

  • AmeriCorps: The organization is helping 490 people this year work across Alabama to improve education, environmental, health, economic and other important needs. Funding goes largely to Serve Alabama, which awards grants to nonprofit groups dealing with local issues.
  • Senior Corps: Some 9,600 Alabama seniors are giving their time to programs as foster grandparents, senior companions and RSVP volunteers to make safety patrols, renovate homes, protect the environment, work with youth and respond to natural disasters.
  • Social Innovation Fund: This network uses limited federal investment to increase funding for nonprofit agencies proving to be effective in the areas of economic opportunity, heath and youth development. The fund is investing $250,000 to expand two Alabama nonprofit agencies.

As a law firm that helps people who have been injured through no fault of their own, we appreciate the spirit of community service and work to make our community a better place to live.

As September 11, 2015 arrives, Belt, Bruner & Barnett urges Alabama residents and people across the nation to take time to remember the sacrifices made on that day, the heroes who gave their all and the individual steps that each of us can take to make our community and nation better and stronger.

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