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Who Is Responsible for Swimming Pool Injuries?

Aug 02, 2020 | Premises Liability

The Alabama heat during spring and summer can be challenging to deal with. But with water-related activities comes the risk for sustaining swimming pool injuries. The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) reports that more than 3,500 drownings occur per year in the United States. This is around 10 deaths per day. Besides the loss of life, thousands are injured in near-drowning incidents. This includes accidents that occur outside the water but around the pool, from slips and falls to possible cuts on pool equipment.

Incurring injuries at a pool can result in medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. If a loved one died in a pool-related accident, you might have a claim for wrongful death. The Alabama personal injury lawyers at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. can discuss the facts of your case, and walk you through the legal process should you decide to a claim for compensation. To schedule a free, initial evaluation of your case, contact us today at Slip and falls – Surfaces around a pool can be slippery. Slick surfaces that have not been properly-maintained can lead to injury. In addition, you could fall over equipment, toys, or floats, or on the ladders leading in and out of the pool.

  • Chemical issues – Most water in swimming pools is maintained and cleaned through the use of chemicals. If too much chemical solution is added to the water, injuries to the skin, eyes, and throat could occur.
  • Horseplay – If you don’t pay attention, you might be accidentally hit your head, or suffer other bumps and contusions.
  • Responsible Parties for Swimming Pool Injuries

    Many different people or entities can be responsible for harm incurred at a swimming pool. Sometimes, depending on the facts surrounding your injury, multiple parties could be at fault. Because the issue of liability can be complicated, it is best to consult our swimming pool injury lawyers.

    Potential parties who could be responsible for swimming pool injuries include:

    Property Owners

    Under a legal theory called premises liability, a property owner with a swimming pool can be held liable for damages from injuries at their pool. Generally, they have a duty to keep swimmers safe from harm.

    Private landowners might have greater protections from claims if the incident occurred to a trespasser. But the law recognizes that pools are a lure to children, and property owners owe greater care to prevent harm to minors.


    Teachers, day care providers, babysitters, camp counselors, and lifeguards are among those that may be responsible when there a swimming pool injury occurs. Negligent supervision of swimmers could lead to drowning or other harm that would otherwise have been preventable.

    Pool Maintenance Workers

    Poor maintenance of the pool – whether the equipment, pool deck, drains, or application of chemicals – could result in injury to swimmers.


    If a pool, or the equipment in or around it, is defective or poorly designed, the manufacturer might be responsible for injuries as well. For example, a ladder where the handles break from minimal pressure might lead to injury, and the manufacturer could be to blame.

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