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Fatal Auto Accidents on the Rise in Alabama

Jun 21, 2017 | Car Accidents

If either you or a loved has been hurt in an auto accident through no fault of your own, then contact Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. We are car accident lawyers across the entire state of Alabama who can help you seek the compensation you deserve when others’ carelessness comprises your life.

The number of deaths from fatal auto accidents< on Alabama’s roadways surged nearly 25 percent in 2016 over the 2015 count, according to the Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) at the University of Alabama. This shocking statistic is despite the fact that, based on state crash records, the number of traffic collisions only increased 2 percent last year. Factors like heightened speed, failure to wear a safety belt, and distracted drivers and pedestrians are primary causes for the significant upswing. Call us at (205) 933-1500 for a free consultation and let us help you. With offices in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery, our attorneys can help you at a location nearest you.

Data Indicates an Increase in Fatal Car Crashes

While the 2016 data analysis continues, findings already point to 1,058 car crash deaths last year, an increase of more than 200 over the 2015 count (849 deaths). In contrast, the number of crashes in 2016 was only slightly more than the number in 2015 (152,532 versus 149,339).

CAPS relied on its Critical Analysis Reporting Environment to determine the leading factors contributing to 2016 auto accident fatalities. In order of importance, the center determined speed, safety belts, and distractions as the primary reasons why the number of deaths from fatal auto accidents jumped nearly a quarter. Furthermore, each of these factors was intensified when coupled with alcohol, drugs, or both.

Crashes with impact speeds greater than 50 mph increased in 2016 with the biggest increase occurring at 91 mph or higher, which led to 33 fatal crashes and 44 deaths versus 21 fatal crashes and 28 deaths the year prior. Over 400 people died while not wearing seat belts, a number CAPS estimates could have been cut in half had they used the restraints. While other state research shows that nine in 10 of Alabama’s drivers and passengers (90 percent) use seat belts, it also points out that less than half of those who die in auto accidents were wearing them. In addition, the number of fatal crashes caused by distracted driving jumped 20 percent in 2016 over 2014 while data shows that 72 out of the 120 fatal auto accidents involving a pedestrian (60 percent) were caused the pedestrian’s drug, alcohol, and/or cell phone use.

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