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Birmingham Business Litigation Lawyers

Business and commercial lawsuits often involve complex laws that must be interpreted according to the specific situations at hand. If you are involved in a business-related legal matter, you should seek the help of the Birmingham business litigation lawyers at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. We can represent your rights and fight to obtain fair results for you from other parties or in court, if necessary.

Business can be ruthless, and so can the law that guides it. Whether you are a business partner, shareholder, consumer, or involved with businesses in another manner, you must interact according to the rules and regulations of the business world — and laws and regulations enacted by the government. When someone violates those standards, a party is often harmed.

Top Business Law Case Results

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Some of the consequences of business disputes or other business matters may include:

  • Loss of time and monetary investments
  • Loss of interest in a business
  • Destruction of business and personal reputations
  • Consumer distrust
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Removal of business license
  • Inability to obtain loans
  • Investigation by government agencies

If you need help with a business-related legal matter, contact the Birmingham business lawyers with Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. at 205-933-1500. We offer a free consultation about your case.

Types of Business Cases We Handle

The Alabama injury attorneys at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. has more than 65 years of collective trial experience. We’re dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have been wronged in business matters. We are familiar with many commercial issues, including the following common types of business law claims:

  • Business Fraud – Businesses and employees lose millions of dollars each year due to business fraud. Fraud involves misrepresentation or deceit that occurs between businesses, with employees, or regarding consumers. Fraud may occur regarding business accounts, investments, bankruptcy protection, insurance claims, and many other areas. If you have been the victim of business fraud, contact us today to learn your options.
  • False Claims – The Federal False Claims Act (Qui Tam law) involves “whistleblower” activity against a business that is allegedly defrauding the state or federal government. Individuals who make accurate whistleblower reports receive a portion of the money that the government recovers as a result of the fraudulent activity. However, false claims require detailed evidence that most whistleblowers do not have. If you are being accused of fraudulent activity against the government, contact a Birmingham business attorney to protect your company.
  • Accounting Malpractice – An accountant has a duty not to commit malpractice; however, mistakes can happen as a result of negligence. Accounting malpractice may occur when an audit is not properly conducted to detect discrepancies, incorrect tax advice is provided to businesses or employees, or inventory is not properly managed. Fraud may also occur regarding investments, securities, and licenses.
  • Contract Disputes – All businesses utilize contracts to obtain real estate, trade goods, and services, and work with other organizations and individuals to negotiate and establish contractual relationships. Those contracts are not always clear, and the law can be very complex when a dispute arises. Contract disputes often end up in court with a lot at stake. A knowledgeable Birmingham business lawyer can represent your interests effectively to other parties and in court.
  • Deceptive Trade Practices – The Alabama Deceptive Trade Practices Act and other state and national laws prohibit deceptive, unfair, or unconscionable acts of trade or commerce. Unlawful trade practices prohibited in Alabama include actions that present goods or services in such a way that consumers are deceived about key information regarding those products. Any business or person found to be involved in deceptive trade practices may be liable to many people for actual financial damages incurred, punitive damages, and attorney fees.
  • Unfair Competition – New businesses open doors every day in Alabama. Matters of unfair competition may arise when illegal methods are used to prevent a new business from entering a community, to push a business out of a community, or to inhibit the growth of a business. Alabama businesses are protected from unfair competition practices by a variety of state and national laws.
  • Tortious Interference – When an organization or individual intentionally interferes with business or contractual relations, tortious interference may be the result. Alabama prohibits third-party businesses and individuals from knowingly and intentionally interfering with the relations of a business. For example, if a business swoops in and secures a contract that would have belonged to another, causing a breach of contract, the business that interfered may be liable for that breach.
  • Intellectual Property Theft – Any property that has value may become the target of theft. Businesses often own rights to specialized formulas, unique names, logos, symbols, new inventions, copyrighted videos and sayings, and more. The law surrounding the ownership and theft of that property can be complicated.
  • Other Business/Commercial Law Issues – We handle a range of other business-related issues, including employment and labor disputes, shareholders’ rights, franchise litigation, arbitration, and more. If you have any business law needs, contact the Birmingham business litigation attorneys at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C.

How Our Birmingham Business Litigation Lawyers Can Help You

Sometimes in order to get justice when you’ve been the victim of business fraud, deceptive or unfair business practices, or a contract dispute, you have to turn to the courts. Business law cases can be complicated, involve voluminous documents, and turn on fine points of law. To get the best result, you should consult a team of Birmingham business lawyers who have the experience and resources to aggressively pursue your case.

The skilled Birmingham business litigation lawyers at Belt, Bruner, & Barnett P.C. have the knowledge and ability to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. We achieved successful results in numerous business cases throughout Alabama. Call 205-933-1500 today to schedule your free case evaluation. We represent clients throughout the state of Alabama with lawyers located at any of our four offices. To find out more about how we can best represent your potential case, contact us today. With offices in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery, our personal injury lawyers will quickly travel to investigate the details of your case and may be able to help you obtain compensation for your damages.